Moments (2011)

Publisher: Guildhall Press

Moments is an inspiring showcase for the creative commitment and writing talents of everyone who participated in the first-ever Creggan Writing Project at the Rath Mor Centre in the heart of Derry’s Creggan neighbourhood. Rooted locally, these short stories, poems and drama extracts present a distinct moment in time, imaginatively evoking childhood memories, diverse relationships and personal experiences both joyful and tragic.

Each piece is original and unique. Some glisten with warmth, nostalgia and humour others reflect perceptively on modern issues, concerns and realities. Together they combine to engage and entertain in equal measure.

The Gasworks – A Family Story (2010)

Publisher: Bluebell Arts Project

A social history of Derry’s Gasworks site and the people who lived and worked in the area, in their own words.

It was created as part of a Bluebell Arts Project which was funded by the National Lottery Programme through the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Compiled and Edited by Felicity McCall

Wonderful World of Worders (2007)

Publisher: Guildhall Press

In this fast-moving age of juggling work and family life, commuting and queuing, overtime competing with quality time, it has become harder for people to find extended opportunities to relax and read. The Wonderful World of Worders is our panacea – a restful lay-by on the manic motorway that is our daily lives.

Worders are micro-stories varying from 60 to 250 words. Our collection – lovingly gathered, nurtured and presented by Jenni Doherty – contains 525 Worders from 72 authors and 27 countries.

The stories are alive with originality, craft, emotion and ideas from all walks of life and corners of the world, many first created within online writing communities. They range from contemporary modern-day issues to horror, from science fiction to romance, humour to grief, religion to satire, philosophy to surrealism, experimental to wacky – all genres and styles that we have come to expect from full novels.

Eve …a Celebration of Creative Women (2006)

Publisher: Guildhall Press

Our creation is as diverse a collection of works as possible, representing everyday women from the North West of Ireland and beyond; a mixed bowl of stories, poetry, comedic works, photographs, illustrations, images and lyrics.

Its core the heart and mind of a woman, regardless of age, religion, politics, identity or profession.

Its bite a unique merging of all art forms deriving from the written word and image to further engage as a living, breathing art to a performance level.

Its fruition an evolution of voices, opinions, ideas and craft.